• The first page of the Spanish version of the Comm 107 Paternity Establishment brochure

    Establézca Paternidad Por Medio De Una Declaración Jurada

  • The front of the Spanish Version of the Unmarried Parents brochure

    Padres Solteros: Esto es lo que necesita saber sobre los padres legales

  • The top of the VPA FAQ one-pager

    Preguntas frecuentes

  • A 3D image of the hospital business card

    Que Traer: Tarjeta Informativa de Paternidad

  • The top of the front page of the VPA Resource Guide for Spanish language readers

    Guía de Rescursos en español

VPA Program Partners:

For specific questions about the paternity affidavit, call the Bureau of Health Statistics at (515) 281-6687.

To learn more about child support related topics, please visit the Iowa Child Support Services website.

The Child Welfare Research & Training Project (CWRTP) provides oversight of the Paternity Affidavit Training Program for the State of Iowa.

The VPA Program is funded through a partnership between Iowa State University and Iowa Child Support.