The Child Welfare Research and Training Project

The Child Welfare and Training Project is located in the Elm Residence Hall. Don't come through the main residence hall doors, look for this sign on the northwest corner!

Outreach award for CWRTP trainer

Congratulations to Leah Kinnaird for winning ISU's Early Achievement in Outreach award!

Graduate assistants present research

CWRTP graduate assistants presented their research findings at a poster session in the ISU Alumni Center.

Parenting It's a Life video

PIAL staff and Iowa teachers talk about the PIAL curriculum.
Martha Stewart with Dr. Jonathan Wickert

CYtation award for CWRTP trainer

Congratulations to Martha Stewart, who received an ISU CYtation award for her exemplary service!

Parenting: It's a Life adds outreach coordinator

Jo Ann Lee has joined the PIAL project as a full-time outreach coordinator. Welcome Jo Ann!

AmeriCorps Partnering to Protect Children

Click here for an article about this CWRTP-based AmeriCorps program.

Award for CWRTP supervisor

Congratulations to Kate Goudy-Haht for winning ISU's Outstanding New Professional award!


The Child Welfare Research and Training Project (CWRTP) evaluates programming, conducts research on outcomes of programs, trains Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) employees, and assesses for quality and technical assurance for many of the programs housed within Iowa DHS. The overall goal is to help the families and children in Iowa have their health and human services needs met effectively and with the utmost support and respect.

The CWRTP is a collaboration between ISU faculty and staff, graduate assistants, Iowa citizens, and state and local DHS employees and supervisors. We work together to ensure that Iowa’s children and families receive services and care informed by best practices that lead to safety and overall well-being. Best practices are ensured through a commitment to enhancing quality assurance, technical excellence, educational training, and research based programming.