The Child Welfare Research and Training Project

Parenting: It's a Life Program to Expand

Kate Goudy-Haht, a supervisor with the CWRTP, recently applied for and won a grant to expand the Parenting: It's a Life program to ISU students.

It's important to celebrate the victories - congratulations Bethany!

Bethany Burdt, ISU Technical Writer & Trainer for the Child Welfare Research & Training Project received a CYtation Award on February 26, 2015. CYtation awards are given out yearly to professional and scientific staff members of Iowa State University.

Spotlight on Domestic Violence

Leah Kinnaird writes about her experiences as a DV advocate and the latest research and issues in the domestic violence and child welfare fields.

AmeriCorps Partnering to Protect Children

CWRTP AmeriCorps program featured by College of Human Sciences News Service. Click through to read the article!

A short history of the Child Welfare Research & Training Project

The Child Welfare Research and Training Project (CWRTP) had its beginnings at Iowa State University (ISU) in the mid-1980’s. In 1988, the Department of Human Services contracted with ISU to lead a consortium of institutions of higher learning under the auspices of the CWRTP.

Engaging Fathers Offerings

The Engaging Fathers training coordinated by Kim Hansen and Shelly Ramus is a great example of the CWRTP's collaborative efforts with the Iowa Department of Human Services and the Parent Partner program. These training offerings were enriched by having fathers from the Parent Partner program come and speak about their experiences with training participants.


The Child Welfare Research and Training Project (CWRTP) evaluates programming, conducts research on outcomes of programs, trains Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) employees, and assesses for quality and technical assurance for many of the programs housed within Iowa DHS. The overall goal is to help the families and children in Iowa have their health and human services needs met effectively and with the utmost support and respect.

The CWRTP is a collaboration between ISU faculty and staff, graduate assistants, Iowa citizens, and state and local DHS employees and supervisors. We work together to ensure that Iowa’s children and families receive services and care informed by best practices that lead to safety and overall well-being. Best practices are ensured through a commitment to enhancing quality assurance, technical excellence, educational training, and research based programming.