Information for Hospital, Clinic, and Community Organization Staff

Hospital birthing centers in Iowa are required to provide information to unmarried parents about establishing paternity.  The VPA program offers video and print materials in English and Spanish to help communicate that important information to parents during their short hospital stay. 

Prenatal medical providers and community organizations who work with families can also use our materials to help unmarried parents learn about and prepare for completing the VPA to establish paternity. 

Visit our Resource Materials page to view, download, and print our free informational and educational materials.

To order quantities of materials for your organization, use our online order form.

*NEW* Paternity Prep Packets

The Paternity Prep Packet (PPP) comes in a 9x12 envelope, and includes:

  • An Informational brochure about establishing paternity by affidavit.
  • A Sample VPA with tips for completing and avoiding errors.
  • A Blank VPA form for parents to preview and practice completing.
  • A Checklist of required identity and legal documents for mom and for dad printed on the outside of the envelope.

Parents can use the PPP envelope to track and gather required documents, and bring with them to the hospital or to a notary.   

Prenatal and community providers can use the PPP to help parents prepare to accurately complete the VPA process so they can establish paternity sooner.

The PPP is FREE, and is available to order using our materials order form.

Online Voluntary Paternity Affidavit Training

We offer online training to provide on-demand learning to anyone who assists families with the VPA form, including nurses, social workers, administrative staff, and notaries. Whether for new staff or as a refresher, this training provides the information needed to help families successfully complete the VPA process. Click here for full screen.



Ordering Voluntary Paternity Affidavits and Official Paper

Official paper is required to print the VPA form.  To order paper from IDPH, use their online supply order form.  Select “Registration Paper” from the supply menu.  *Please submit your orders before the 14th the month to ensure timely delivery.

Hospital employees can contact Birth Registration (515-242-6332) if there are any questions about printing paternity affidavits or the official paper used for printing. 

Community organizations can contact Bureau of Health Statistics (515-281-6687) for information on getting official paternity affidavits to use with applicable individuals.

VPA Program Partners:

For specific questions about the voluntary paternity affidavit, call the Bureau of Health Statistics at (515) 281-6687.

To learn more about child support related topics, please visit the Iowa Child Support Services website.

The Child Welfare Research & Training Project (CWRTP) provides oversight of the Paternity Affidavit Training Program for the State of Iowa.

The VPA Program is funded through a partnership between Iowa State University and Iowa Child Support.