Additional Resources

The following resources were developed to teach unmarried parents about VPAs, and all materials are free to view, download, and print.

Free Curriculum

Curriculum to teach unmarried parents about paternity affidavits is available for free download, and it includes the following resources:

"Unmarried Parents" Brochure

This brochure teaches unmarried parents why it is important to establish paternity for their child. Parents are often uninformed about what paternity establishment is and why it is important, but this brochure can begin to answer these questions. It is is available for viewing, download, and print in English and Spanish.

Comm. 107

All hospitals are required to use this resource when educating unmarried parents about paternity affidavits. Please give these resources to appropriate individuals and departments at your hospital. Comm. 107 is available in both English and Spanish . In the past, hospital staff could order Comm. 107 through the State of Iowa at Anamosa, but do not order Comm. 107 through the State of Iowa any longer. Instead, place orders with the Voluntary Paternity Affidavit Program.

Power of Two video

The Power of Two video is another resource to educate unmarried parents about paternity affidavits. Though there are other documents that explain this importance, the video is another way for parents to learn about and understand this important information.



Order Paternity Affidavits

If you need affidavit forms, submit an order form to the Bureau of Health Statistics. If you need to order forms or information, call Birth Registration at: (515) 281-3266.

Select educational resources about paternity affidavits can also be ordered by completing this short order form. For more information, please contact:

To learn more about child support related topics, please visit Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit.