VPA Hospital Survey Report

CWRTP Graduate Assistant Alison White recently completed a research report related to the Voluntary Paternity Affidavit (VPA) hospital survey results, VPA rejection data and hospital score cards. The research Alison completed provided a clear path forward for targeted outreach to hospitals.

Read: VPA Hospital Survey Report - December 2022

Undergrad Spotlight: Hannah Uhrich

Hannah Uhrich, a senior in Family and Consumer Sciences at Iowa State, has been an undergraduate outreach facilitator for PIAL since July, 2021. She has been a part of ADMYRE’s development nearly since its inception. Hannah participated in the early phases of development for ADMYRE’s debrief, which helps students process the teen dating violence simulation and realize the steps they can take towards healthier, safer relationships.

Hannah said, “My response to the first interaction with ADMYRE was that it was definitely something different than anything I’d experienced. We never really had a whole lot of simulations in high school, so I had never seen content presented in that way. But I definitely thought it was cool that the students really got to deep dive into the stories and see the different characteristics and the effects of the unhealthy behaviors themselves.”

Hannah took an interpersonal communications class in high school in which guest speakers discussed teen dating violence, but she thinks ADMYRE goes a step further in driving the message home.

“I think a lot of people on the team agree that ADMYRE is kind of like something we wish we knew in high school. So being able to provide this information on healthy relationships as students are forming their relationships, going out into their lives, or their ability to build these healthy relationships, being able to provide that information is really rewarding,” Hannah said.

Rhonda Evans, Hannah’s supervisor, said, “Hannah's been an integral part of the success of the in-person and online ADMYRE programs. She is calm and has a great attitude in the midst of the pressure of changing deadlines and quick turnarounds. She learned new skills efficiently, purposefully incorporated feedback, and eagerly volunteered to work on every aspect of the ADMYRE program.” 

“While she created wording for the youths who would go through the program, she asked herself what questions they would have. Then she took a deeper dive and added comprehensive explanations about what makes a relationship unhealthy and when to seek support. Because of the intense subject matter, she used wording that is sensitive, inclusive, and relevant.” 

“As she has stepped into the role of co-facilitator less than a year ago, I have seen her grow with each presentation until she speaks with confidence and ownership of the material.”

While Hannah has been helping impact the lives of students with ADMYRE, ADMYRE has been impacting her life as well. On this note, she said, “ADMYRE has impacted my journey at Iowa State. I've been able to bring this healthy relationships information into other organizations that I'm involved in on campus. . .and take more classes surrounding family relationships and just relationships in general. So it's really helped me drive my passions in that way.”

Hear Hannah discuss her experience with ADMYRE further:

ADMYRE stands for Advocating for My Relationships. It is a teen dating violence awareness program offered by Parenting: It’s a Life (PIAL) and includes a simulation and debrief for high school and/or middle school students. The simulation can be presented in-person or delivered online. For more information, visit childwelfareproject.hs.iastate.edu/admyre.



Research Reports for ADMYRE Program Complete

CWRTP Graduate Assistant, Mikaela Scozzafava recently completed research reports for the ADMYRE program. Scozzafava analyzed data from spring 2021 from in-person PIAL facilitated ADMYRE offerings to schools across the state. These are the first research reports for ADMYRE. There will be additional follow-up analysis and reports as more data is collected.

You may review each report with the following links:

Brief Report

Long Report

ADMYRE Program Celebration

CWRTP recently celebrated the ADMYRE program!

To celebrate the successful launch of the ADMYRE program in-person kits and online version, we held a gathering at the Research Park that included a presentation and food.  Staff, students, and faculty filled a packed room to hear all about ADMYRE. Specific individuals were highlighted during the presentation to recognize their tremendous contributions (see photo).

Click here to learn more about ADMYRE.

Martha Stewart on Presenting at WICSEC 2022

In November, I was lucky enough to attend the WICSEC 2022 Annual Training Conference, which was held in New Mexico’s capital, Santa Fe. I was asked to do a presentation on Motivational Interviewing (MI), which (if any of you have been paying attention), is my go-to customer experience tool!

I love the Southwest, so I was excited to head to New Mexico, but it was the conference agenda that truly sold me on the trip. Over half of the 40 workshops (plus four plenaries), dealt with topics I consider to be included under the umbrella of customer experience:

As you can see, I wasn’t the only one talking about MI at the conference. A team from Maximus gave a presentation the first day about ‘Trauma Informed Care Through a Motivational Interviewing Lens,’ and they did an amazing job by focusing on their personal experiences to illustrate the effectiveness of MI.

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by their powerful stories and expertise, but I realized that our two presentations were complementary – they had the experience with Child Support, but I had the nuts & bolts of how MI is done, and recommendations about how to implement it.

After my presentation, I had several people ask me about implementing MI in their offices, and in January I’ll be providing an online overview of MI techniques for Minnesota’s Child Support Supervisors and Case Managers.

Beyond the fantastic conference itself, I also found time to check out Santa Fe’s beautiful architecture, museums, and restaurants. Did you know that Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the United States? It also boasts the oldest church (San Miguel Chapel to the right). If you ever get the chance, Santa Fe is a wonderful destination!

Written by Martha Stewart

PIAL’s College Simulation featured in Office of Child Support Enforcement’s monthly e-newsletter

PIAL's College Simulation was featured in the Office of Child Support Enforcement's (OCSE) monthly e-newsletter in October 2022. Click to read newsletter.

Flexible VPA Training

This summer, the Voluntary Paternity Affidavit worked with MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center to create a customized training opportunity for their staff, pairing the online training with a webinar. 

Staff completed the online training on their own, then attended a webinar for Q&A about the training and the VPA process. We were also able to provide them with specific information about their VPA completions, acceptance rates, and their most common errors with data collected from the Bureau of Health Statistics.

The webinar was recorded, so staff who couldn't join live could watch later. The flexibility of the online training and the webinar made it possible to reach more than a dozen staff!

We would love to work with your facility to explore options for flexible training to meet the needs of your busy staff. If you have questions or would like to schedule a training, please email pataff@iastate.edu.  

CyDay Friday

Amy and Kate participated in CyDay Friday walk on central campus! It was a great opportunity to talk with fellow Iowa Staters and get a little exercise. Even Cy showed up!

ISU-Iowa Child Support Contract completes FY22 Year-End Report

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PIAL Expansion Objective 2 Preliminary Report

The Child Support Contract's research team has compiled preliminary reports from our analysis of Objective 2 of our responsible parenting grant with Iowa Child Support and OCSE. The team has created two preliminary reports for Objective 2: one long report and one brief report. We plan to use this type of format throughout the grant period as we report the data results.

You may review each report with the following links:

Long Report

Brief Report

Special thanks to our excellent graduate research assistant, Maneesha Gammana Liyanage (pictured above), who was the primary person to conduct the analysis and create this format to present the data.