Senior Spotlight: Ellie

This month we are taking the time to highlight one of our graduating seniors, Ellie. Ellie has been a member of PIAL since August of 2021. Ellie’s favorite memory with PIAL was the early morning car rides to Osceola for school visits. She enjoyed the car ride conversations with PIAL team members.

Ellie worked on many projects in her time with PIAL. Ellie enjoyed facilitating the modules for students in the classroom. She said “I have loved every moment of it. I love being able to go into the classroom and share meaningful content with students.” Her favorite project was putting together activities for the childcare at the PIAL 2 young parents’ focus group. She said, “I was able to watch 15 children and create a childcare plan for the 2 hours that the children were there. I had a blast doing this and was able to have a lot of fun with the kids!” She also was the Facebook content creator. She enjoyed coming up with meaningful content and resources to share with the followers on Facebook. 

Ellie left with many new skills that she plans to carry into her career. One skill she mentioned was being able to interact with older students. As an Elementary Education major, Ellie had not taught middle school or high school students before, and she gained more confidence in this skill presenting for PIAL.

In the future, Ellie is looking forward to pursuing a career in elementary education. She said “I am so excited to find a job and start connecting and working with my future students. It truly makes me so excited to start making an impact! I also plan on working towards getting my master’s in education. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!”

PIAL is grateful for Ellie’s impact on the program and is excited to see where this next adventure takes her!