Senior Spotlight: Emily

PIAL, Emily said “I enjoyed getting to know my coworkers during our car rides to school visits. Riding in the car for 2+ hours can lead to some interesting conversations! I also look forward to seeing the sunrises in the mornings!”

Aside from facilitating the PIAL modules, Emily has been running the PIAL Facebook, creating colorful posters, sharing photos and updates from the PIAL team and finding resources for teachers and parents. Emily has also been involved in creating story cards for PIAL’s ADYMRE Teen Dating Violence Simulation. Emily is looking forward to the Teen Dating Violence Simulation launch this February! When asked about a skill she has developed working for PIAL, Emily replied, “One skill I have developed since joining PIAL is my ability to connect with students. Building rapport and showing students that you care can lead to creating an inviting classroom environment. I enjoy interacting with students of all ages and this skill will help me connect with many individuals!”

In the future, Emily aspires to earn an Education Specialist degree and eventually work towards a Ph.D. in school psychology. The PIAL team has seen firsthand Emily’s hard work and dedication and we are so excited to see where the future takes her! Emily had some great advice for future PIAL team members. “I would suggest that new PIAL members try to be involved in projects that encourage them to develop new skills or present them with the opportunity to learn something new! As a PIAL team member, you will always play an integral role in the organization. Don’t be afraid to get involved!” Thank you Emily for all of your hard work and dedication to PIAL! We are so grateful to have been a part of your adventure at Iowa State.