PIAL Open House

New School Year, new space! This semester PIAL moved workspace locations to a new office in Palmer. To celebrate, the PIAL team hosted an Open House for the Iowa State Community! We had a great time meeting all of the faculty and students who attended. We even used a pair of big scissors to cut the ribbon marking the opening of the new space.

This new workspace has been a great resource for the PIAL team. The office is located in the heart of campus giving the PIAL team easy access to a space where members can connect with leadership, collaborate on projects, and build team relationships. We asked the PIAL team their favorite things about the new space, and here is what they said!

“My favorite thing about the new PIAL space is how warm and welcoming it is! I love the team posters that are on the wall giving fun facts about each member.” -Ellie

“My favorite thing about the PIAL room is the fun white board wall! I like to add some fun drawings from time to time to add some more color to the room” -Emily

The team has also already made some fun memories in this space. PIAL team member Landi recalls one day when some PIAL team members piled in the work room after the weekly PIAL team meeting. The group listened to Disney holiday songs, while working on their different PIAL projects. Ellie talked about the night the PIAL team moved the PIAL stuff into the new space. After a long day’s work, the team ordered pizza and had a pizza party in the team room!

From the start the work room has been a space where members can connect and create memories that make working for PIAL a memorable part of the college experience!