Ashley Hopkins: Staff Feature

Ashley Hopkins joined CWRTP in August 2021 as Race: The Power of an Illusion (RPI) and Understanding Implicit Racial Bias (URIB) Training Coordinator.

Speaking about her new position, Ashley said, “I am not new to the work I’m currently doing; however the role I play is new to me.  I feel one of the biggest accomplishments has been being able to transition into the position and pick up where the last coordinators left off.  In addition, I’m really proud of the process that has been developed for the onboarding of new facilitators.  We currently have a six new facilitators going through the first cohort.” 

Outside of work, Ashley is passionately involved with her faith community. She lives her life following the principles of the Bible. Ashley is also a huge Pittsburg Steelers fan. She spends most Sundays in the fall watching NFL games.

When asked what keeps her excited about working with CWRTP Ashley answered, “The team.  It is truly a great team of people doing equity and community-based work to help better the lives of children and families in Iowa.  Hearing and seeing their passion keeps mine going as well.”

Thanks for everything you do, Ashley!