Jo Ann Lee: Staff Feature

Jo Ann Lee joined CWRTP in 2013. She started with the Service branch as a Human Services trainer for DHS child welfare workers. In 2016, she transitioned to the CSRU contract as the Project Coordinator for Parenting: It’s a Life.

Jo Ann continued her education while working for CWRTP, earning a Master’s in Leadership Development in 2017. She took a full class load on nights and weekends while working full time in order to accomplish this goal.

She is also proud of her Real Colors facilitator certification. Speaking to this accomplishment, Jo Ann said, “It brings me a lot of joy to be able to share how taking the “personal” out of personality really helps to build bridges to understanding others whether in the workplace or just in general.”

In 2019, Jo Ann’s years of hard work were recognized by the College of Human Sciences. She was awarded the college’s Early Achievement in Outreach Award that year.

Jo Ann fills her spare time with crafting and a variety of DIY projects. She has a creative and inventive mind—a fact anyone who steps into her office can see!

When asked what keeps her excited about working for CWRTP, Jo Ann answered, “So many things about being part of this family at CWRTP. I love that everything we do, from research to training to outreach is aimed at helping others to improve how to connect with one another.”

Thank you for your hard work and spirit, Jo Ann!