Staff Feature: Catherine Russell

Catherine Russell joined CWRTP full-time as the PIAL Lead Facilitator in July 2021 after graduating from ISU with a Bachelors degree in Political Science. While she was student, she was a member of the PIAL team as an undergraduate program facilitator for two years.

Catherine has been heavily involved in the creation of the college simulation, which will be ready to roll out this fall. She named it one of her biggest professional accomplishments to date.

“It has been exciting to see this huge project come to fruition after over a year of planning,” said Catherine.

In her free time, Catherine enjoys anything outdoors or anything that gets her up and moving. Playing soccer with her friends, exploring parks and trails, and early morning walks are some of her favorite activities. Aside from that, she loves to travel and learn about other cultures--especially through food!

When asked what excites her about working with CWRTP, Catherine answered, “The people and our mission. Each member of our team is passionate about what they do and always willing to help where they can. Even though I am new to the team, I have watched everyone accomplish amazing things these past few years, and I am excited for an opportunity to be a part of it.”

Welcome to the team, and thank you for all you do, Catherine!