Staff Feature: Amy Peters

Amy Peters joined CWRTP in September, 2016 as a Training Facilitator for the Service contract. She held that position for three years and developed and led in-person training for child welfare workers across the state of Iowa. In 2019, Amy joined the CSRU contract as the Outreach Coordinator for the Voluntary Paternity Affidavit (VPA) program.

In her new role, Amy has facilitated improvements and updates to the VPA program’s education and outreach materials. These improvements include a new graphic icon for the program, a new informational video, and updated brochures and fliers. Amy plans to continue updating the program with more Spanish language material, web-based training, and starting a YouTube channel with captioned videos.

In her personal time, Amy enjoys walking her dogs, biking with her son, hiking, or just relaxing outside. Before the pandemic, she enjoyed being able to spend time with friends in the back yard, and she hopes to start doing that again soon.

When asked what keeps her excited about her work with CWRTP, Amy answered, “The people at CWRTP have such varied backgrounds, interests, and projects. I’m always learning something new.  I also really enjoy working in environment that includes students.  It brings a unique energy and creative dynamic to the work.”