About CPPC

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) is a community-based approach to strengthening families, keeping children safe, and creating community collaborations. Community Partnerships work to reduce negative childhood experiences, promote responsibility in protecting children, and build safety networks. The CPPC team works with communities to:

  • Blend the work and expertise of professionals and community members.
  • Bolstering supports for vulnerable families and children.
  • Protect children through culture shifts and improvements in child welfare processes, practices and policies.

Currently, forty CPPC local decision-making groups, involving ninety-ninety Iowa counties, guide the implementation of CPPC.

Through a partnership between the Iowa Department of Humans Services and Iowa State University, we provide collaborative outreach and capacity building for Community Partnerships and related initiatives. Training opportunities for CPPC networks are held at the local, regional and statewide level, as well as technical assistance to local sites to implement the CPPC Approach. This assistance includes guidance around local planning and reporting, individual orientation for new CPPC coordinators, site visits, trouble shooting, and access to cultural equity resources.

Cultural Equity Alliance

The Cultural Equity Alliance Steering Committee (CEASC) functions in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Human Services to develop recommendations for implementing systemic changes focused on reducing minority and ethnic disproportionality and disparity in the child welfare system. This statewide collaborative includes: DHS (leadership and field staff), service providers, court representatives, Parent Partners, foster care alumni, tribe representatives, immigrant and refugee services, other child welfare partners, domestic violence agencies, juvenile justice, race and ethnic diversity and inclusion advocates. The development of this steering committee is also an effort to meet the federal Program Improvement Plan requirements to promote cultural competency and responsiveness throughout the Department of Human Services.

To learn more or to get involved in CPPC in the state of Iowa, check out https://dhs.iowa.gov/child-welfare/CPPCproviders for more information.