Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC)

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC)

CPPC is a community-based approach to child protection. CPPC involves all community members and works to prevent child abuse, neglect, and re-abuse. The CPPC approach to child protection aims to change systems and community culture to improve child welfare processes, practices, and policies.

Through an intergovernmental agreement with the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, the CPPC team provides equity-centered training and guidance to families, communities, and systems collaborations, promoting authentic engagements that strengthen connections and improve child well-being outcomes. The team coordinates learning opportunities, facilitates technical assistance, and develops the CPPC approach in Iowa communities.  Cultural and racial equity are priorities interwoven into the CPPC approach, focusing on decreasing disproportionality and disparity in child welfare. Throughout Iowa, there are 40 local CPPC decision-making groups in all 99 Iowa counties and 10 County Equity Teams linked to the Statewide Cultural Equity Alliance.

Community Partnerships Statewide Coordination

The statewide coordination of CPPC efforts includes technical assistance for CPPC sites in implementing the CPPC approach, the orientation of new CPPC members, reviews of CPPC plans and reports, and regular site visits throughout the state fiscal year. CWRTP staff coordinate meetings, trainings, and conferences throughout the year.

Cultural Equity Learning Exchanges

CWRTP coordinates 10-15 sessions each of two full-day Cultural Equity Learning Exchanges, Race: The Power of an Illusion (RPI) and Understanding Implicit Racial Bias (UIRB). Hosted by local community organizations, the Learning Exchanges bring together child welfare professionals, volunteers, and community members for conversations about the intersections of race, equity, and child welfare. The CWRTP Training Coordinator provides guidance for the RPI and UIRB facilitators and utilizes the Learning Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) with Equity Lens to ensure a quality learning experience.

Cultural Equity Statewide Coordination

CWRTP oversees the cultural equity statewide coordination by promoting and implementing activities to address racial and cultural disproportionality and disparity in the child welfare system. This work includes providing technical assistance and support to the local County Equity Teams, coordinating statewide equity learning conferences, community outreach and training, and coordinating the HHS Cultural Equity Alliance.

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