Why become an AmeriCorps service member?

As an AmeriCorps service member, you can help make the world a better place while building professional skills. You will learn teamwork, leadership, responsibility and other essential skills that will help you for the rest of your life personally and professionally. You will also gain the personal satisfaction of taking on challenges and seeing results.

Members typically serve in a full-time, half-time, or quarter-time positions - the number of total hours over the service term depends upon the position. All members receive a living allowance and have the opportunity to earn an education award. A full-time member agrees to serve a minimum of 1,700 hours within one full year. Upon successful completion of 1,700 hours by the end of the term, the AmeriCorps member qualifies for an education award that can be used to repay qualified student loans - or may be used for the cost of attending a Title IV institution of higher education. Additional benefits of being a full-time member include health insurance and childcare subsidy.

“Becoming an AmeriCorps Service Member was one of the greatest experiences I have had thus far. I was given endless opportunities to build capacity, develop and sustain professional and personal relationships, along with improving my professional skills. Through my role, I was primarily responsible for raising awareness of AmeriCorps Partnering to Protect Children through quarterly newsletters and developing education content and presentations. I worked closely with the local Community Partnership for Protecting Children Statewide Coordinator, and hosted/participated in events at Iowa State University, Ames, and the Des Moines area. AmeriCorps is a unique program that cares about your personal development as equally as they care about the development of AmeriCorps. ”-Kelley Harris, 2019

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