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Human Services Specialist III – CPPC Coordinator

This position will provide statewide leadership and direction for support of Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) and associated initiatives. The individual will actively collaborate with the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS), specifically the Division of Adult, Children and Family Services, and assist DHS in building capacity and communication in community partnerships.

This position will coordinate the infrastructure for supporting learning opportunities for ongoing development of CPPC. Responsibilities include developing, reviewing, revising, and delivering training curriculum/participant materials to DHS staff and community partners as needed; working with subject matter experts, consultants, DHS staff, and other contracted trainers to develop and disseminate resources, and improve relationship building with communities; hosting community events, DHS events, CPPC leadership team meetings and displays; managing fiscal components of agreements with presenters and consultants and expenditures related to the program; maintaining information on CPPC SharePoint and website; and creating newsletters and informational brochures.

The successful candidate will have the ability to relate well with others; work with a diverse range of people to assess resource and training needs related to CPPC strategies and initiatives, and and be a self-starter in developing and implementing materials. The candidate must be able to communicate effectively, be detailed oriented, and possess analytical skills. In addition, the candidate will possess the ability to promote collaboration with DHS staff and community partners.

All accrued vacation must be used during term of this appointment, any unused vacation will be forfeited upon termination from Iowa State University. Position renewal is subject to continuing availability of funds.

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