AmeriCorps Staff

 The Program Director position is currently open.

Part manager, part mentor, part champion, and part cheerleader - Jordan joins CWRTP as the AmeriCorps Partnering to Protect Children (APPC) Program Director. Her prior professional experience includes grant management, project coordination, and community networking & organizing. Jordan excels in building: relationships, connections, and rocketships while she is flying them.

Jordan holds a B.A. from Cornell College where she studied both Studio Art and Religion, as well as an M.S. in Urban Planning from the University of Iowa. During her free time she enjoys cooking as many meals as possible at once, sitting next to her bonsai tree and reading books by Tom Robbins, vacuuming, and playing the piano.

Jordan and her two children enjoy pondering the deep mysteries of the Universe at home in the Drake neighborhood of Des Moines, IA. If you can describe what happens when two black holes collide, or clearly explain the fifth dimension, please email: